Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 

This amazing destination on the Big Island is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Mount Kilauea. Head to Jaggar Museum or Kilauea Overlook for the best views of the eruptions of the infamous Hawaii volcanoes, which have been continuous since 1983, and produce 25,000-65,000 cubic yards of lava per day. Due to the volcanoes’ power and majesty, it’s not surprising that the native Hawaiians consider them sacred.

Big Island Air Tours

Big Island Volcano Flight

Starting At: $267.90/Person

There’s nothing quite like the power of a volcano. And on this 50-minute helicopter flight, you’ll experience these geological wonders without anything coming between you and them—not even a helicopter door!


Not only is Volcanoes National Park home to Kilauea and parts of Mauna Loa, its 333,000 acres also include numerous hiking trails, rainforests, deserts, petroglyphs, and a walk-in lava tube. To see the many sights, you can either drive the park, or hike or bike through it. Drives take place along Crater Rim Drive and Chain of Craters Road; hikes take place on dozens of paths, including, shorter and easier ones like Bird Park and Thurston Lava Tube, and longer and more difficult ones like Kilauea Iki and Mauna Iki. For those in tip-top shape, a variety of backcountry hikes are also available.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Big Island Tour – Volcano Viewing

Starting At: $120.31

Spend a full day and early evening taking in the vivid colors and heat of Mount Kilauea. You’ll appreciate the glowing lava rivers and black lava formations on your visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Volcano Bike Tour

Volcano Summit Downhill Bike

Starting At: $109.36

This tour’s title is perfectly descriptive; you’ll literally bike the summit caldera of Mount Kilauea. While you cruise along, you’ll be able to watch the oozing eruption of the volcano in what is the best no frills biking tour on the island.


If you’re looking for an extended stay, Volcanoes National Park is an excellent place to go camping. There are two drive-in campgrounds that are free of charge (park entrance fee notwithstanding); they may be had on a first come, first served basis, for up to seven days per month, and no more than 30 days per year.


Big Island Volcano Tours

Big Island volcano tours are something else. They’re not your average excursions, which are often full of novel yet still unremarkable sights. Rather, they’re jam-packed with age-old volcanoes that have frighteningly explosive histories and peaks that stretch into the clouds. There are many ways to take Big Island volcano tours, too, including hiking, biking, driving, and flying trips.

Helicopter tours of the Big Island’s five shield volcanoes are perhaps the most remarkable way to see them. On one in particular, you’ll travel for three hours out to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, streak over the tallest summit on the Hawaiian Islands at Mauna Kea, and over the most massive volcano in the world at Mauna Loa, before reaching the one-of-a-kind Kilauea. There’s nothing like flying over that third volcano, since it’s officially the most active site on the planet, with a steady record of eruptions dating back to 1983. 

Alternatively, you could take a full-day biking ride down Kilauea and see many of the wondrous things that exist on its surface. You’ll visit the informative Jaggar Museum, view the summit caldera, go through the Thurston Lava Tube, pedal along the Chain of Craters Road, and more. From the ground, everything seems so much larger than it does in the air; so while mountain biking, hiking, and motor coach tours are less efficient than air tours, that doesn’t make them lower quality—they’re just different. 

So whether you decide to tackle the Kilauea and/or the four other shield volcanoes on the Big Island by foot, wheel, or wing, you’ve got a truly special experience awaiting you. Long story short, Big Island volcano tours are awesome!

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