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One of the best ways to see Hawaii is from a Big Island helicopter so that you can truly take in all of the mountains, volcanoes, rainforests, beaches, and more, and capture a firsthand picture of just how ecologically unique the Big Island is.

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Big Island Air Tours

The Big Island offers an assortment of helicopter and plane tours, meaning that from wherever you’re staying, getting into the sky shouldn’t be a problem. Flights leave from Hilo, Kawi, Kona, and other cities throughout the island, and transport you over notable landmarks such as Akaka, Kahunam and Hiilawe Falls, as well as Punaluu Black Sand Beach and Hapuna Beach, the largest white sand beach on the island. And, of course, no trip would be complete without circling Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for glimpses at ever-active Mount Kilauea and massive Mauna Loa.

The tours vary from air-only to both air and land, so you can decide what works best for your schedule and interests. For the thrill seeker, there’s also the option of tandem skydiving from heights between 12,000 and 20,000 ft. Reservations are required, and you’ll have the option to purchase a DVD to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime rush.


Big Island Helicopter Tours 

Take in the sights and sounds of Hawaii on a any number of Big Island Helicopter Tours. With all sorts of exhilarating options, including an open-door flight (seriously!), these excursions will get you up-close-and-personal with a number of the island’s famous volcanoes, waterfalls, and beaches. Because the Big Island is so large, the aerial voyages Big Island Helicopter Tours start at 45 minutes in length, and top out at two hours. 


The first Big Island helicopter option is to take a flight over world-famous Mount Kilauea, the planet’s most well-known volcano. Since 1983, it has bee spewing forth molten lava; and on this tour, you’ll be able to look down on the 2,200-degree stream of fire, the black sand beaches it has created, and more. You’ll also check out some of the nearby rainforests, as well as the waterfalls contained deep within, some of which are virtually inaccessible by land. 

Another Big Island helicopter flight allows you to fly in a totally unique way—with doors off! You’ll start by circling Kilauea, and even though you’ll be hundreds of feet above it, you’ll literally feel the heat! Then, you’ll soar over miles of lush terrain and Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Farm to the massive mountain, Mauna Loa. Here, you’ll behold Hawaii’s very largest volcano. As a matter of fact, Mauna Loa covers an area that’s approximately two-thirds of the Big Island’s entire size! After this, you’ll hover down near some of the island’s breathtaking waterfalls, including Rainbow Falls, where you’ll feel the mist dance against your cheeks. This tour lasts roughly 45 minutes.

For a longer jaunt, try a two-hour outing that will take you over seven of the Big Island’s nine districts: North and South Kohala, North Kona, Hamakua, North and South Hilo, and Puna. During this time, you’ll see all five of the island’s shield volcanoes, including Kohala, Hualalai, and Mauna Kea, which, measured from its base on the sea floor to its 13,000-ft. summit, is the tallest mountain in the world! In addition, you’ll check out the remains of ancient settlements, villages destroyed by lava flows, and towering sea cliffs. 

Finally, if you want to discover more than just the Big Island, why not take a tour that’ll take you over the Alenuihaha Channel to Maui? This Big Island helicopter tour, also two hours in duration, will give you the time to explore the Kohala District of the Big Island, plus the jaw-dropping Haleakala Crater that’s located on Maui. It’s an amazing two-for-one opportunity that’s unlike anything else. 

Best of all, each of the aforementioned helicopter tours puts guests in a window seat, meaning that you certainly won’t be crawling over your neighbor to get a look at the remarkable sightings down below. Plus, with a two-way headset, you’ll be able to communicate with your pilot, even as he narrates the journey, site-by-site. 

So if you’re hoping to sightsee the Big Island the right way, look no further than the rich variety of Big Island helicopter tours. It’s efficient, safe, and fun. And no matter how you envision it, it’s even better than you could imagine!


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