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Big Island Waterfalls Viewing 

There aren’t too many places in the world that can match the Big Island waterfalls – with respect to its sheer number. And once the magnificence of each cascade is factored in, the Big Island truly stands above the competition. Indeed, no trip here is complete without seeing at least a few of these simultaneously graceful and powerful natural attractions. Get our and experience the amazing sights of Hawaii’s waterfalls!

Big Island Waterfalls

For a complete listing of Big Island Tours that take you to awesome waterfalls:


Hiilawe Waterfall is a logical place to begin your journey. This 1,500-ft. native monument is one of Hawaii’s tallest waterfalls, with power to match. Though a stop there may be difficult to top, you may also want to make your way to Wailuku River State Park. Once you’re there, you’ll snake your way to famous Rainbow Falls, an 80-ft.-tall plunging cascade that flows over a lava cave. This view is especially scenic. Lastly, not to be outdone is Akaka State Falls Park, with its two main cascades, Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls. At over 400 ft. tall, Akaka Falls is the taller and more accessible of the two, though they’re both worth seeing.

big island falls

Big Island Waterfalls and Volcano Tour

Starting At: $92.88/Person

Heat up and then cool down on this excursion to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Wailuku River State Park and misty Rainbow Falls. Other attractions include an Orchid Nursery and Macadamia Nut Factory.


In addition, although you’ll be able to view each waterfall by hiking, sky tours are a wonderful alternative. Not only will you avoid the mud and sweat of a long walk through the forest, you’ll also see the cascades from a totally different vantage point, as you look down on them rather than up at them. If you’re a professional or aspiring photographer, don’t miss this opportunity.

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